Space Rafts


About ‚Space Rafts‘

Space Rafts is the result of my bachelor thesis „Development of a digital prototype of a turn-based strategy game“.

I wanted to create a turn-based strategy game with innovative gameplay that is easy to learn, has no numbers and has short but intense rounds.

In Space Rafts you have space ships. On their own they are very weak and are killed by 1 shot. However ‚modules‘ can be attached on 1 of their 4 sides.
These modules don’t only block shots that target the space ship, they also give an additional ability to the space ship.
I. e. they allow the space ship to shoot, or they increase the ship’s move range, or they shield other modules.

If you are interested, check the video or download the game and test it yourself (playing with a controller is highly recommended):


  • Game idea
  • Programming
  • 5 levels
  • Graphics
  • Used sounds & music that are available for free

More information about the creation of the prototype (German):

(October 2013 – February 2014)