About Me

I’m working in the industry for 10 years already – and additionally studied Game Design 3.5 years before!

For me it’s always fascinating to design systems of well-considered elements from which so many interesting dynamics, fun, and emotions can arise.

In my free time I watch all kinds of movies, listen to unknown bands, discover interesting games, make music (I play piano and bass guitar), cook, read, do sports, go into nature or visit exhibitions.

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System Design

  • Concepting whole game
  • Plan whole player experience throughout all time scales: from seconds to multiple years

Feature Design

  • Concepting features – Meta & Core game
  • Research
  • Creating wireframes

Economy Design

  • Creating complex, scaling economies
  • Economy simulations
  • Core game balancing

Level Design

  • Creating content, levels, puzzles

Workflow optimization

  • Creating tools to automate mundane and error-prone tasks
  • Creating tools to accelerate content production (levels, puzzles,…)
  • Creating tools to keep overview over all content created throughout years


  • Excellent knowledge of programming with C# and JavaScript
  • Experience programming with Unity’s ECS
  • Very good knowledge of programming with VBA


  • Evaluating game data
  • Preparing, setting up and evaluating A/B tests
  • Basic knowledge in SQL


  • Excellent knowledge of Unity – incl. ECS + DOTS
  • Excellent knowledge of Google Sheets and Excel
  • Very good knowledge of Git
  • Very good knowledge of using Adobe Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine
  • Experience working with Mac and Windows


  • Very good knowledge of Jira
  • Very good knowledge of Confluence


  • Preparing, performing and evaluating user tests
  • Experience in using Playtestcloud


  • Fluency in both written and spoken English
  • German native speaker


  • Lots of experience from additionally working on games in my freetime
  • Experience interviewing applicants
  • Experience working with external freelancers (i. e. Sound Designers)
  • Experience preparing recordings for Marketing that fulfill their standards


My resume can be downloaded here.


Feel free to contact me: