Game design:

  • Fully responsible for Match 3 part (game mechanics, UX, level objects, balancing, tutorials,…)
  • Therefore working together with many different departments all the time (Art, Dev, Product, Localization, Marketing,…)

Level design + Level creation workflow:

  • Creation of hundreds of levels
  • Making it possible to create 1000 levels * 3 tiers = 3000 levels per year (with just 2 level designers)
  • Concepted + created several tools to achieve that, e. g.:
    • Concepted level editor that allows for ultra-fast level creation + iteration
    • Concepted a level layout generator that helps generating new level ideas
    • Concepted a level object generator that helps generating new level object ideas
    • Created an Excel sheet + macro that reads out all level information from json files and allows to easily change moves and amout of colors for thousands of levels (Excel + VBA)
    • Maintaining a tool that shows in browser what each level looks like (PHP)
    • Maintaining a Google sheet that imports data from Periscope give quick overview of collected user data (Google Script / JavaScript)
    • Created sheet that suggests how to rebalance levels to reach the desired level difficulty + amount of cascades
    • and many many many more tools & sheets…

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Company workflow optimizations:

  • Adapted several tools mentioned above or created new ones for ‚Jelly Splash‘ and ‚Bubble Island 2‘
  • Created a proof of concept for „universal“ AI + Level Generator for puzzle games (Unity / C#)

A/B tests:

  • planned & set up A/B tests with different difficulty curve shapes


  • Communication (briefing & feedback) with external sound designer
  • Implementation of sounds & music in game

User tests:

  • Regular user tests to test e. g. new level objects or tutorials and to check for further improvements of the general Match 3 part


  • Regularly recording gameplay videos for Marketing to promote new level objects, deliver interesting and exciting Match 3 gameplay or promote other new features like e. g. playing in landscape mode


(May 2016 – April 2019)